Sunday, 26 April 2009

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

I'm just working on a poster for National Vegetarian Week.

A lot of the posters I've looked at on-line are very preachy and I really want to avoid this, so I'm doing quite gentle, playful images of famous vegetarians, with living animals frolicking around them and examples of vegetarian food.

I'm probably going to do individual posters for Ghandi, Morrissey, John Peel, Kate Winslet, Brigitte Bardot, Spike Milligan and The Beatles. It would seem that all of the Beatles were vegetarians, apart from John Lennon who was an on-off vegetarian. (Also, I'm having trouble finding evidence that Kate Winslet was vegetarian, there are lots of sites that simply say she is without quoting any sources...)

Anyway, here is my initial drawing of Paul McCartney (with "Blackbird"). I think I need to work on the hands a bit...

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Anonymous said...

After Sunday lunch Grandad Cyril says Brilliant!!! (then he slurps his coffee)