Thursday, 21 May 2009


The nice people at the vegetarian society are kindly featuring the posters I made for national vegetarian week on their website.

At the moment I am preparing for my end of year show, mounting work and printing business cards.
Its really exciting to be finishing and I feel very ready to start finding work as an illustrator.

I've watched some really inspiring films recently, including an animé called Tekkonkinkreet which is based on a really beautiful comic book called Black and White. It was one of the most beautiful animations I've ever seen, with detail and characterisation outstripping even Sylvain Chomet's films (Belleville Rendezvous, The Old Lady and the Pigeons). The simplicity of the drawing is something that really appeals to me.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

I ♥ N Y

I am back from New York!
(with a cold).

There is quite a contrast in airport security between England and the US. Here they tease Pippa for her odd socks when she has to take off her boots at the detector. Over there, you get your fingerprints scanned.

While in New York, I fed squirrels in Central Park with Tonje (one attempted to bite her...he seemed to like biting his friends though), walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, went to the top of the Empire State Building, went to Staten Island ( mistake), Coney Island (...again, by mistake) had a really wonderful time.

I also met Charles Hively (publisher of the very good 3x3 magazine) and David Goldman
(an agent).

I was quite lucky with Hively to get a very balanced review of my portfolio - he was very clear about the pieces he didn't like, ("I don't even know why this is in here") but he was also surprisingly positive about all of my most recent work, and said my illustration of Barack Obama "feels like Obama". He said in Germany, illustrators have a wider variety of styles in their portfolios, but in New York and England, art directors only like to see one style. (Which got me thinking about working in Germany...).

David Goldman is probably what everyone dreams their agent will be like, he was so funny and easy going and full of wisdom. Everyone came out of the meeting with him seeming really positive. He picked out one piece from my portfolio which was very different from the rest "where did this come from?" and suggested I take that direction. Fig Taylor said of the same piece that I could either develop that style or cut it out completely, so now I'm thinking it would be wise to work at it and divide my portfolio into two styles.