Sunday, 30 August 2009

Ida Tweedle

The engine owl

We cut to an excavation scene, in the icy tundras of MOUNT MOD MOON MONO TUTU...

...where a rather large bum is sticking up in the air...
...the bottom of a certain Sir Hugo Clarence Washington-Smythe.


Sir, look, I think... I cannot say for sure, but I do believe I have unearthed the mythical Engine Owl of Ancient Zion!


Oh, that! I discovered that, back in uh... back in uh... the day...

Sir Hugo: give it here, right this minute, or I'll have you tried for high treason and perverting the course of justice!
Sir Hugo: I'll have your wages cut, and other things cut that you wouldn't care to be... cut.

ZOLUMBOO (Narrator)

Now I'm no detective... oh wait! I am!... but I think that guy's a phoney! Wait, something important's happening, let's get back to the story!


With all due respect, Sir, you can't claim every victory!

Ida Tweedle: I found that owl fair and square, and you've spent the whole day sitting on your oversized rump, hogging the hot water bottles and moaning about the cold! From now on I will be working for myself. Hmph!


Don't talk to me like that! I'll decide how this story ends!

He takes a large dark starry book from his coat and and unlocks it with a rusty key.

Ida turns slowly, and sees the open pages like mirrors.
We see her face reflected in the mirrors and then the empty space where she once stood.

Washington-Smythe holds the book up triumphantly.


Now I've trapped you, you'll never steal from me again.

Sir Hugo: You're nothing but a fictional character, doomed to spend the rest of your days in writing.


[HER WORDS APPEARING AS TEXT ON THE PAGE OF THE BOOK] You can take that smug look off your face.

Ida Tweedle: Your precious artefact is with me, Washington-Smythe. The engine-owl is fictional too now.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Here comes the sun, do do do-do


Apologies for the lack of recent entries... straight after New Designers I went to Phuket for 2 weeks and Hong Kong for 3 (glorious) days! It was my first time in Asia and the whole trip really inspired me...there are so many ideas floating around in my mind, as soon as I'm back home I intend to delve into them!

Hong Kong is wonderful...I want to be back there now! I love the constant heat that feels like walking inside a hot cloud. I love the red taxis and how good they look next to all the green trees and plants. I love the way the city suddenly blends into trees and mountains as you get further out, and just how the mountains are always there in the distance, these lovely soft lilac shapes. My Grandad was based in Kowloon in the 1950s and has told me so much about that time and place, that the night I arrived and saw the mountains all around me from the taxi window I felt like I had entered one of his stories.
I've taken lots of pictures on the Diana+ and we also bought a Supersampler from the Lomography shop on Hollywood Rd in Hong Kong, so it will be exciting to see what those pictures look like. I also took a sketchbook with me, so once I'm reunited with my scanner I will post some of the images and comic strips I've started drawing.