Friday, 23 October 2009

I've been dipping my toe into watercolour painting...and I am starting to like it. (That's why the portrait project went downhill so fast I'm afraid. Because Dan bought me some beautiful distracting flowers and I just had to paint them.)

But now I have an exciting new project to work on - a record sleeve for a folk musician!

And I've just re-discovered this:
In the past, whenever I was struggling I would turn to that list of delights.
Or Alan Fletcher's fantastic book "The Art of Looking Sideways".

(Its good to grow and experiment. I remember a few years ago having a tutor tell me "you really need to stop taking risks". It really bothered me, because what's the point if you never take risks with your work?
But then, when I went home that day The Short Films of the Brother's Quay had arrived in the post, and I fell into their world and realised I should never stop taking risks. And that's how I got into pictorial calligraphy.)

The Calligrapher - rejected BBC2 ident by the Quay Brothers:

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies - by the Quay Brothers: (I can still remember my amazement at the moment when the mapping pens pirouette calligraphy spirals in stop motion)

Anyway, enough blabbering. Back to the drawing board.

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