Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I have returned from Amsterdam with a fractured arm, so unfortunately I won't be drawing for a little while. It is all the fault of an impatient man in a Land Rover, and slightly my fault for thinking the heavy dutch bike I'd borrowed might agree with going up curbs as part of an escape plan. Luckily I have been really well looked after by my wonderful man. We've had two glorious weeks of cultural exploration:

De Kattenkabinet (Cat Cabinet), a museum dedicated to cats, curated by 3 tabbies and a tortoiseshell
FOAM photography gallery, which had an expansive and very interesting exhibition of Alexander Rodchenko's work, (which is very inspiring in the handling of tone and composition)
The Outsider Art Gallery, which made us both eager to get drawing
The Filmmuseum, where we saw Woody Allen's Hollywood Ending and Shanghai Blues by Tsui Hark

The Rotterdam International Film Festival...
where we saw two very unforgettable Chinese films: Spring Fever by Lou Ye and Oxhide II by Liu Jiayin.

The Marionette Theatre which put on a production of The Magic Flute

Filmage - Jia Zhangke's Still Life, Ozu's An Autumn Afternoon, Almodovar's Live Flesh and a rather melancholy anime called nieA under 7.

Bedtime stories - Will Eisner's A contract with God and Joe Sacco's Safe Area Gorazde 

and the best lasagne ever made

I wish I'd never had to leave. Coming home is the hardest thing when somewhere else has become your home.


Anonymous said...

Love you! Thank you for the visit, twas pure perfection!

PS. We also watch Passionate Friends and MASH ;)

˚ẅŷ łyń˚ said...

hope your arm is better now! :)

Emma said...

thanks! My arm is much better now and I'm finally going to do some drawing today :)