Saturday, 27 February 2010

Papery poppets

Emma Ridgway (c) Copyright 2010

Meet my new assistant, le typewriter. As a child I used to draw pictures with a typewriter (I remember using @ signs for eyes and creating wavy hair with rows of alternating brackets) so it was very exciting to find this beauty hidden in the loft. It is mysteriously without a "1" key, an exclamation mark, or any sign of an asterisk, but that's not really an issue when its primary function now is to create patterns and textures for illustrations (and love letters to a certain boy in Amsterdam)

The split pin puppet reclining on this marvellous contraption is none other than Cap'n Quote Man, who was dreampt up by Pip Chorley and I in our first year at Falmouth and grew into a graphic novel called The Paper Shredder Person which we continue to work on.

Pip and I have recently joined forces with Line Lorna Grytvik Tessem and Beth Hague to form The Little Egg Collective - do have a peek at some of our combined efforts on the Little Egg blog:

1 comment:

Line Lorna said...

Let us do some split pin colabortive work, my pins are itching.
I loooooff your little book man, Emma. He is amazing, Im so honored to be part of your egg! ;)

x x x x x