Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Cats Mother

This my mothers day card. Its from a phrase which my mum quite likes: "Who's "She"? the cats mother?"

Its also my first attempt at screen-printing in about 7 years...I think I still have a lot to learn, but it is really about using the right kind of paper, the right paper for stencilling, and getting the amount and consistency of paint right. But I quite like the looseness of the patchy areas.

(Perhaps also inspired by the frustrated tom cat who has taken to visiting our back garden every night wailing loudly for a lady companion.)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Moth in the Motor at The Foundry Gallery

 Announcement from Broken Sound Music:

Following on from Rachael Dadd's Moth In The Motor art exhibition & album launch at Cafe Oto, we're very happy to announce a second week-long exhibition and pretty special night on Thursday 18th!
Many of the amazing sleeves created for Rachael's new mini-album will be going on display at The Foundry gallery (Old Street) running from 16th-21st March. Entry is free!

We'll be celebrating the exhibition on the evening of Thursday 18th, with incidental music from a very special lineup of Rachael Dadd, Tristram, Ben from The Mariner's Children and Jo Burke. Entry for this is free too! Hurrah.

You can see and buy the special limited edition sleeves (all original art by some of our favourite artists, including the vinyl 10" and free downloads) over at

I really wish I could go, the Foundry sounds so interesting, and its great that Rachael's music and all the work is getting more attention! How exciting!