Saturday, 23 October 2010

This sami boy wears the four winds hat - the name comes from the idea that all the winds converge at the north pole.


Line Lorna said...

Haha! Oh, I love this Emmy!! Come visit me soon, my family has sami blod in our veins you know! Your work is amazing, monkey love <3 x x x x x x

Emma Ridgway said...

Wow, really Line? That's amazing, I had no idea! I did wonder if you and Tonje knew much about sami, I was meaning to ask you!

I really really want to be in Norway with you...I forgot to tell you I got your postcard :) thankyou so much, I love hearing from you! :)

Have you seen these pictures:
aren't they wonderful? xxx

Line Lorna said...

Oh, woooow! Amazingly beautiful!!
Emmy, I love this project, you really get the spirit of the sami <3 <3 <3