Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Do something pretty while you can...

My dashing hero is back from the film archive and so off we go happily adventuring together (Somehow the snow lets us get away with this)
Billy Bragg at the Troxy
Eadweard Muybridge at Tate Britain
Francesca Woodman and Tom Lubbock at Victoria Miro Gallery
Belle and Sebastian at the Barrowlands
Hertie Querty (featuring work by David Shrigley and Art Spiegelman) at GOMA
More excitement:
Unfold have very kindly invited me to illustrate a poster for them next year!
(and a fine new Rapidograph has just arrived in the post)


˚ẅŷ łyń˚ said...

the photo is so beautiful! :)
have an amazing year end and new year! ;)

Emma Ridgway said...

Thanks Wy Lyn! You're very kind :) Hope you have a wonderful new year too! :)