Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hey, is that you?

Here's a little teaser portion of my poster on the front cover of the special edition "Van Gogh Museum Friday Night Programme" issue of Unfold. 

And here it is at the front desk in the Van Gogh Museum!

A huge thankyou to Russell Joyce, Steve McCarron and the rest of the very talented team at Unfold, and to the Communication Department at the Van Gogh Museum for this commission. I loved working on it, and I learnt so much.

You can find out more about the Picasso in Paris (1900-1907) exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum here, and about the Friday Night events for the exhibition here.

You can find full coverage of the exhibition in Unfold, which can be found squirrelled away in any one of these gezellig Amsterdam establishments.

(above image: another of my illustrations from inside the issue)

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Line Lorna said...

Emmy, I love this! You are really settling into your style and you just keep perfecting it so beautifully <3 It looks divine <3
I cant wait to get more of your work up on my walls!
Congratulations with job amazingly drømmer sparklingly well done!!