Sunday, 20 February 2011

Van Gogh Museum & Unfold Amsterdam - Vrijdagavond Poster

Poster commission for "Picasso in Paris 1900 - 1907" - Friday Night events at the Van Gogh Museum. 

This was my dream commission, and it was a joy to work on. 

I love working with Unfold - because they give their artists so much creative freedom. As you can see from their amazing posters so far (here), there is a lot of variety, not a "house style".

I did a lot of research, and if you look closely, and you're familiar with his work from 1900-1907, you might recognise a few faces in the poster - all 20 people below Picasso are modelled on his paintings. On the lower left is Picasso's best friend Cassagemas, whose suicide supposedly led to Picasso painting in blue. On the lower right is the old guitar player. In the centre are the saltimbanques (strolling acrobats) of Cirque Medrano, which Picasso used to visit frequently with his friend Apollinaire, and which inspired his Rose Period. And Picasso himself is held up at the top by the characters from this painting, which is actually one of his self-portraits - he often liked to represent himself as a harlequin, because as an artist he identified with their position as an outsider. 

The poster represents his climb from a 19-year old unknown newly arriving in Paris to a world famous 26-year-old conquering the Parisian art world and becoming the new leader of the avant garde.

And here are Dansgroep Amsterdam rehearsing Nomade, a dance inspired by Picasso's circus paintings and part of the Friday Night Events at the Van Gogh Museum. They are wonderful to watch, and will be performing at the Van Gogh Museum every Friday - I would definitely recommend seeing them.


Lucy said...

Wow Emma! This is amazing, you clever lady! Congrats on this amazing commission, you are famous now :o) xxx

Pippa said...

O my stars!! Ink princess Emmy <3.. you wonder~weaver.. your poster is a treat.. magical work darling one x x x x x x

Pillows for the People said...

beautiful poster!