Sunday, 26 June 2011

Now that it's June, we'll sleep out in the garden and if it rains, we'll just sink in to the mud

I met up with Making Space recently - Rosie and Rob are two artists on a mission to help local artists to find interesting venues for their work (eg: ones which don't charge ridiculous fees per night/ have a clique-y committee behind the scenes deciding if the art fits with their standards). They recently had a very successful exhibition at the Unthank Arms in Norwich, and since I've been on board they've helped me to get my work exhibited at Mustard Cafe and (soon) Expresso Cafe in Norwich. I'm really grateful to them for their help since I moved here.

On Thursday I sold my painting of Billy Childish - the 3rd customer to come into Mustard Café purchased it the morning it went on display, which was kind of unbelievable. (Mustard have invited me to make more paintings for them too, which I'm starting to plan now.)

In the evening, Dan and I went to see Bright Eyes at the Royal Albert Hall (in the flesh!), and even though we were so high up, in terrible seats (people kept walking past us to go to the bar) the band played so perfectly, and were so full of energy, that it was a wonderful night and we were totally immersed, and now we're obsessed with their music all over again.

My friends at Unfold Amsterdam have been busy lately - they have contributed to a wonderful Amsterdam City Guide for the Guardian. It makes me wish I was back in Amsterdam...I think its my favourite place.

I've also been working on my comic, and it now has its own little site:

Oh - also - I found a wonderful book by Andrzej Klimowski "On Illustration", which I would really recommend. He is an illustrator I've looked up to for a long time. During my 2nd year at Falmouth he came to give a talk about a graphic novel adaptation of The Master and Magarita he had created with Danusia Schejbal under SelfMadeHero. Pip Chorley and I were sat on the floor in the front row, as all the seats had disappeared very quickly, and I breathlessly told her how Klimowski was a Polish poster artist, that he had written a mesmerizing wordless narrative book called "The Secret", and how he was a friend of the Quay Brothers...not realising until he got up to speak that he had been sitting behind us.

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