Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Can't Go Wrong Without You

"And illustration? What’s the point of arguing for a resistance in terms of "radical" expression. Illustrator!! Go turn into a bag of worms. Zero future, If they can sell Maikovski like cereal they’ll do it. All artistic capability stops when there’s an ounce of money to be made. All the tutti-frutti ragtail of flunkey editors, art directors, marketing heads, etc. . . . the more chronically conservative they are, the better they’ll rule and the longer they’ll rule. You’ll never stir skulls like these even with an oar. It’s an escalator straight to the basement. You’re not there to dream but to listen to death rattles . - . it’s handcuffs!! Line up on the line!! That’s advertising. "Cafe de la Morgue." There’s nothing any more of intelligence or intellect of interpretation. Radical today? Just another coterie as inbred as the fattest agencies . . . jittering junk-heads, fashionable, flippant and ephemeral as maggot agencies are constipated and conservative. Either you take the position as artist to shoe the stars from another universe or else you ventilate your brains on the options handed you by high geared head breakers. Radical??? Not for long. You’re only a handshake away from being flied down, ironed, melted, glazed, starched, and mashed by these fathers of happiness. It’s no longer noon at 2 o’clock. Tell yourself that the next time you impale yourself on a grain of hope."

- The Brothers Quay (taken from this article).

(I always find the Quay Brother's work such a useful reminder to keep taking risks and not get settled in my ways)