Monday, 6 February 2012

"Can the idea of instinct as a blind involuntary urge be reconciled with the ability to dream?"

A terrible lack of blog posts, as I've been away masquerading as a receptionist for a couple of months whilst developing a voracious appetite for reading - at the moment: The Life and Opinions of Tomcat Murr by E.T.A. Hoffman (which was written about 200 years ago but is funny and surprisingly fresh) and  The Quay Brothers: Into a Metaphysical Playroom by Suzanne Buchan (fascinating insights into the Quays influences and working processes, as well as tiny snapshots of their early illustration work)

Anyway, I've just updated my website after about three years of letting the moss grow over it:

(a drawing of Tomcat Murr from my sketchbook)

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Line Lorna said...

this is so incredible beautiful!!!