Tuesday, 31 December 2013

All good things must come to an end (the bad ones just go on forever) - Daniel Bejar

Well 2013 is nearly over.

It has been an interesting year. I've had some nice commissions from lovely people in New York, which seemed to arrive at points when my confidence in my work was at its lowest ebb. I had an exhibition in Cheltenham - "Bloom" - with three dear friends and fellow Falmouth graduates (and sold a painting of Mata Hari). I created wedding portraits for my cousins. I ran an art therapy group with a friend. WeAdmire began printing my Lou Reed illustration on their t-shirts. I set up Walk Cheerfully Zine with my friend Beth and we received some beautiful illustration work (I really need to do it justice by getting it printed soon). I also started a "portrait on a postcard project" and 15 people took part in commissioning portraits - I've just turned it into a zine (you can find it here)

We lost Hebe in October. It's still impossible to talk about. Do you know what the saddest thing about losing a cat is? They don't leave anything behind. You can't find old letters from them or silly notes that they wrote to you. But that's also the most beautiful thing about our friendships with animals, they are wordless, and somehow more true.

   "The creatures stir across from us, but they cannot come to us, and the You we speak to them sticks to the threshold of language." -  I and Thou, Martin Buber (with thanks to Marty for the quote)

Actually...here he is using a typewriter:

It's just not the same without him sitting next to me while I draw. He was my constant companion. I have made so many drawings of him over the years...and a drawing is always able to transport you right back to the moment you created it. I remember vividly drawing this picture of him - he sat so still for me, and looked me in the eye the whole time - I think he knew what I was up to:

It has been a tough year in so many ways but being able to draw has been so helpful. And seeing friends over this past year has been wonderful. I'm so lucky to have such glorious people in my life. I'm so proud of all my friends and the things they create. I really am.

Anyway, here's to 2014, I hope to see more of the people I treasure, and I hope it is a better year for us all.

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