Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Visited my family back in Stafford over Easter - spent a lovely day working in the garden with my mum, accompanied by her two guinea pigs. We have some red tulips that my Grandad Cyril planted before I was born which come up every year. I love how eternal flowers are. (I planted freesias, which are her favourites, and lettuces, which I suspect the guinea pigs will gobble up).

(Bacon the guineapig)

My Grandad Geoff sat for me and let me paint his portrait, which was lovely...I hardly ever get chance to paint people from life any more. It's nice to paint someone you love and admire so much. I was so impressed with him for sitting still for so long too - he never, ever sits still. He always has to be busy doing something. His childhood nickname was "lightning".

Later, while having a sort out and throwing away sentimental ephemera I came across a couple of bits and pieces I made a while back:

(the piece above was from an idea for a comic about Prosopagnosia or face blindness)

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